Tennis Club

There are two types of reservation for courts in Willow Creek :

  1. Courts reserved by the Willow Creek Tennis Club (WCTC) Liaison sub committee
  2. Courts reserved by Willow Creek residents

Courts reserved by the WCTC Liaison sub committee -

This category of reservations takes precedence over reservations by individuals and is generally done 8 or more days in the future. Reservation are made for:

  1. Adult league matches - by request from facility coordinator
  2. Junior league matches - by request from junior coordinator
  3. WCTC Socials and Tournaments - by request of the Social sub committee
  4. Lessons scheduled by the designated tennis pro - by request of the designated tennis pro

In all cases any non Willow Creek resident who is involved in the group pays a fee for this privilege except Junior league matches and lessons (ref procedures Tennis Pro Engagement, and CTA Team Costs).

Courts reserved by Willow Creek residents - This category of reservations is made only by Willow Creek residents for courts in their respective HOA, 1 to 7 days in advance for selected courts only if the courts are not reserved by the WCTC (ref procedure – Reserving Courts by Willow Creek Residents).

All courts not scheduled 1 or more days in advance are open for 2-hr walk-on play. e your paragraph here.