​Tennis Club


Procedure for Mineral Clubhouse Restroom Access

This permits Willow Creek league tennis players access to restrooms under the Mineral Clubhouse during play. The clubhouse has male and female restrooms (only male before and after swimming season) and a soda machine and refrigerated water fountain. Key opens lockset of lower locker room door at the west side of clubhouse.


Willow Creek resident sponsor must agree with and uphold these requirements.

  • If you lose a key, restroom privileges will be revoked for all teams. DON'T LOSE THE KEY!
  • Keys cannot be duplicated
  • If key is lost, you agree to pay all fees necessary to re key the locks by a locksmith.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy from our Willow Creek 2 board of directors.


  • Resident sponsor must email request for key to one of the three key issuers (a) at least 2 days before key is needed and will specify name, date, when key will be picked up, for what match, and when key will be returned. Emails will be used as chain of custody documents in lieu of a separate form. If sponsor does not receive an acknowledgement of receipt of email, sponsor should resend their email to another key issuer.
  • Key issuer will email the requestor where key can be obtained.
  • Sponsor will pick up key, utilize it, and return it.
  • If key is not returned on time, requestor will lose restroom access for the rest of the season.
  • Door shall only be unlocked during team play/court use.
  • If another team is to play behind your team, door must be locked and key returned.
  • Only restroom areas shall be accessed. Clubhouse, pool area, utility rooms and offices are off limits.
  • Report any malfunctioning situations to the Willow Creek 2 liaison. • Leave restrooms neat and turn out lights as appropriate.
  • Thank you for your responsible use of the keys we have been granted.

John Waring (johnwaring@comcast.net)

Hal Wright (letsgonow9674@msn.com)

Bob Kihm (caroman@aol.com)