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Procedure - Willow Creek 3 (WC3) Restroom Access PHILLIPS COURTS

Access will be available through the Willow Creek Resident Sponsor (Sponsor) for any team currently playing a USTA/ITA/CTA League Match on the Phillips courts when the pool is not open.

The key will be housed in a Lock Box located at the main entrance gate. The key opens the lock of the lower level door located on the north side of the clubhouse.

  1. Access for the restroom key will be available upon request of the Sponsor of each Team at no cost, as part of registration expense.
  2. Request for key access is made through WC3 Community Manager (a) by email or by phone.


  • Sponsor must agree to accept and uphold these requirements.
  • Key must be returned to the lock box after each use.
  • Key shall not be duplicated. If key is lost, report to the Adult League Coordinator and Community Manager. Re-issue shall cost $100, as all locks will need to be re-keyed.
  • Combination to Lock Box is subject to change.


  • Door shall only be unlocked during team play/court use.
  • Door shall be relocked following play session.
  • If another team is to play behind your team, door shall be locked by your team and then unlocked again by subsequent team.
  • Only restroom areas can be accessed.
  • Please report any malfunctioning situations to the Community Manager.
  • Please leave restrooms neat and turn out lights as appropriate.
  • Pool area may be open for swim session. Please respect other uses.
  • Any mishandling of key or disrespect for procedures shall result in loss of access.
  • Sponsor, enter name (1) and fill in (2) and (3) below and email form to Community Manager.

Community Manager will:

  • Verify that the Sponsor properly filled out the request form.
  • Verify (via email to the Adult League Coordinator) that this is the Sponsor for the team.
  • Enter date key access issued (4).
  • Email copy of form to sponsor and Adult League Coordinator with the access number.

(1) Procedure accepted _________________________________________________________________

(2) Phone number ________________________

(3) Team Number _____________________________

(4) Date access issued ______________________

Ron Valiga

Community Manager Hallmark Management